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Discovering Valdera

It ‘a sweet solitary Tuscany and the unspoiled valley that descends from Volterra to reach the Arno, following the stream which was called Era by the Etruscans is the Valdera. You can smell the sea: infact the coast of Castiglioncello is only 30 minutes away by car. Old houses over clay hills seems like being there as a defence of  the integrity of the …

New law for the small italian municipalities

After 16 years and four legislatures it has finally been approved by the senate with a large majority, the law for the protection of small communes with less than 5000 inhabitants. New investments will focus on services and infrastructures, such as providing these jewelery for broadband networks, postal services, reclaiming old roads, renovating pre-existing buildings, promoting typical local products and tourism, realizing tourist-cultural itineraries. …